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Project Brief

"The idea for “Socket” App stemmed from the observation that existing social media platforms often lack specialized features for creative individuals. Artists and musicians struggled to gain visibility amidst the noise of generic content. Recognizing this gap, Our Client came up with this Quirky Idea to build out a spontaneous Project and made a great choice hiring us to collaborate with their team of creatives collaborated together to cater specifically to the needs of this niche community."

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Our Process

Every client has unique requirements, we fulfill those by adhering to our proven web development process. Here’s how we do it:





UI Designing


QA Testing





We built a scalable Mobile App backed with a Cloud based architecture with optimized interfaces and streamlined functionality.

Platform Features

  • Profile Customization: Users can customize their profiles to reflect their artistic identity, including themes, background music, and portfolio showcases.
  • Collaboration Tools: SOCKET fosters collaboration among users through features like virtual jam sessions, group projects, and shared workspaces.
  • Content Discovery: The platform employs advanced algorithms to curate personalized feeds based on users' preferences, ensuring relevant content discovery.
  • Monetization Options: Artists can monetize their content through various avenues such as virtual concerts, exclusive content subscriptions, and merchandise sales.
  • Feedback and Support: SOCKET encourages constructive feedback and provides support mechanisms such as mentorship programs and peer-to-peer critiques to foster growth within the community.
  • Events and Challenges: Regular events and challenges keep the community engaged and motivated, offering opportunities for exposure and recognition.


  • Empowering Creativity: SOCKET has empowered countless artists and musicians to explore their creativity freely, without the fear of judgment or algorithmic suppression.
  • Networking Opportunities: The platform has facilitated valuable networking opportunities, leading to collaborations, mentorships, and career advancements for many users.
  • Monetary Gain: Artists have generated significant revenue through SOCKET's monetization options, providing a sustainable income stream for their creative endeavors.
  • Personal Growth: Users report personal growth and artistic development as a result of the constructive feedback, support, and inspiration they receive from the SOCKET community.
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Colin Sichande


“I am enterpreneur, I have a couple of projects for which I onboarded App Design Glory to execute and I must say these guys are a real deal, they really are the professionals I have been looking for and I highly recommend them!"

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