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Other Experiences

Reengineering Reality

We build breathtaking Virtual Reality experiences and 3D videos. 100% adapted to your business needs with an end-to-end digital process.

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Emerging Training Solutions

Create tailor-made virtual reality training programs for different sectors, offering realistic simulations for training, skill enhancement, and information retention of employees.

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Interactive Educational Content

Develop interactive virtual reality educational content suitable for students of different ages, including virtual field excursions and hands-on learning activities.

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Virtual Product Demonstrations:

Design immersive 3D environments for businesses to showcase products in virtual reality, enabling customers to explore before purchasing.

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VR Gaming Experiences

Create engaging virtual reality games and experiences for gaming fans, providing interesting gameplay, realistic environments, and interactive narratives.

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Therapeutic VR Applications

Build virtual reality applications for healthcare providers, providing environments for pain relief, stress reduction, and mental health treatment.

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Virtual Tours and Real Estate Visualization

Develop virtual reality tours and visualization solutions for real estate firms, allowing potential buyers to explore properties and visualize spaces remotely in full detail.

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Benefits of Native iOS App Development


Engaging Experiences


Improved Learning and Training


Innovative Marketing and Branding

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Therapeutic Applications


Virtual Teamwork and Communication


Entertainment and Gaming

Our Process

Client-Centric approach towards processes.

At App Design Glory, we thrive on turning conceptual product ideas into tangible digital solutions. Our passion lies in the transformation of innovative concepts into fully realized digital realities.


Discovery and Requirements Gathering

Discovery and Requirements Gathering: We engage in in-depth discussions with clients to grasp their goals, objectives, and project-specific needs collaborating closely to ensure a comprehensive understanding of project scope and expectations.


Wireframes & Prototyping

We kick start our process with a deep dive into your vision, objectives, and intended audience. Using this information, we develop wireframes detailing the framework and features of your project. These wireframes serve as a foundation for iterative enhancements based on your input.


Alpha Development

The alpha development phase is focused on creating a baseline version showcasing interactive view of the project. It helps the user to experience the look and feel of the App and sets the stage for further refinement and enhancement in the Project Development.


BETA Development and Feedback

Progress through iterative development cycles, delivering functional Application for client feedback and validation. Maintain continuous communication and collaboration to ensure alignment with client expectations and prompt adjustment to changes.


Continuous Improvement and Client Satisfaction

We prioritize client satisfaction throughout the project lifecycle, conducting regular check-ins and feedback sessions to address concerns promptly and remain responsive to evolving client needs and preferences.


Delivery and Support

Upon project completion, we deliver final product along with necessary documentation and support and we remain available to address post-delivery issues, facilitating a smooth transition to client operations or maintenance teams.

We build breathtaking CGI and Virtual Reality experiences to your needs.

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